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ADVMoto Live! #28 - Motorcycle Family Riding and Racing

November 02, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine Episode 28
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
ADVMoto Live! #28 - Motorcycle Family Riding and Racing
Show Notes

Join us for ADVMoto Live! #28 on September 9th, with Ryder and Joe Stelmack. Joe is not only a fantastic rider, but his 7 year old son Ryder is rocking the pee-wee flat-track world! We'll talk with them both about what makes riding and racing fun for kids and what parents need to know.

Don't forget to join us for ADVMoto Live! #29 to check out Kawasaki's new 2022 KLR 650!  We'll talk about what it's like to ride and may even get some staff from Team Green to come hang out!  Until then, watch our video review of the new KLR 650.

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00:00 Intro/Episode overview
01:44 Guest introductions. Overview of bikes 
12:48 When did Joe realise Ryder has a talent for riding at such a young age?
19:16 Have you guys considered dirt bikes for kids? Gas vs. electric
23:42 Audience Q: Who is Ryder's favorite racer?
26:26 What worries and concerns to parents have when they let their kids ride bikes?
30:17 Benefits to starting riding at a young age
32:48 Does riding bikes make Ryder more confident then other kids his age?
35:05 What are some tips for making learning riding easier for both young and old riders?
39:45 Has Ryder had other bike riding training besides parents?
42:22 Any words of advice for adults or kids looking to ride?
45:49 Wrap-up/Teaser for next episode/Outro