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ADVMoto Live! #27 - Making Money on the Road with @onherbike

November 01, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine Episode 27
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
ADVMoto Live! #27 - Making Money on the Road with @onherbike
Show Notes

Join us with prolific woman rider, traveler and blogger Kinga Tanajewska  (AKA @OneHerBike) who's been riding around the planet solo since 2017. We'll get an update on her travels and discuss what it takes to create and survive on vlogging content while wandering the world!

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00:00 Introduction - How to make a living on the road?
01:30 Guest introduction
7:33 What countries has Kinga visited in the past 4 years? 
08:30 How has COVID affected travel plans? What do you think will happen in the future?
13:18 How did it come about that you went into social media?
17:57 How to keep the content attractive to your audiences?
What are riding audiences looking for?
23:24 Tips for being on camera. How to develop an "on camera persona"?
26:49 How important is it for a YouTuber to play to SEO?
31:08 What's in Kinga's gear bag? How do you produce content?
36:58 What type of budget can you survive with while on the road?
42:02 What's next  for Kinga? Future destinations? 
44:11 Inspirational words for future adventure riders?
45:40 Wrap-up/Outro