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ADVMoto Live! #26 - Harley-Davidson's Pan America 1250

July 16, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine Episode 26
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
ADVMoto Live! #26 - Harley-Davidson's Pan America 1250
Show Notes

ADVMoto Live! #26 - Harley-Davidson's New Pan America. We'll dive into Harley's hot new entry to the adventure market...the Pan America 1250. Come hang out with Kelly Quinn (aka: ThrottleGirl), Matt Swedlund - PR Lead and Matt Paradise Lead Engineer for Harley Davidson on a very exciting show. We'll talk about how the Pan America came to be, current riding impressions, and where they hope the bike will take us down the trail!

For official info on Harley's new Pan America visit:

Check out Kelly Quinn's Youtube channel at:

Check out our first ride review of the Pan America:

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00:10 Show intro
00:57 Quick news update
02:23 Guest introductions  
08:56 How do people react when they see you riding the Pan American?
11:39 Where did the idea for the Pan-American come from? 
17:30 Were there any other names considered for the Pan American?
17:55 Were there mixed feelings during the development of the bike?
19:23 When did development start?
23:08 What was the visual inspiration for the bike?
26:44 Challenges during development regarding performance 
29:32 Suspension discussion 
30:47 Kelly reviews the bike 
39:45 What is the policy on customer service at HD?
42:28 Where does the Pan American fit into in terms of the adventure bike market? Who is the biggest competitor? 
45:50 Is the Pan American the most versatile bike ever made?
48:52 What do you hope is the impact of this bike on the industry and world in general?
53:00 What does the future hold for the Pan American? 
56:13 How can people get a hold of the bike? 
58:07 Will there be a HD training camp?
58:53 Any advice for aspiring adventure riders? 
1:03:33 Closing comments 
1:04:42 Teaser for next episode