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Family Motorcycle Riding with @TheFullThrottleFamily - ADVMoto Live! #20

March 04, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine Season 1 Episode 20
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Family Motorcycle Riding with @TheFullThrottleFamily - ADVMoto Live! #20
Show Notes

ADVMoto Live! #20 - Family Motorcycle Riding episode featuring guests Vanessa, Ryan, Ruby and Everly (@TheFullThrottleFamily)!  We talk about getting kids into riding, what gear they need and why it's good for both parents and children.

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00:00 Introduction
01:45 Guest Intro
04:45 How often do you guys go riding together?
08:00 Self Introductions
08:35 How did you guys get into riding?
19:05 Did your club help with your riding
20:50 What are your thoughts on peddle bikes?
25:10 What do you get out of it as parents?
28:15 How much space do kids need for riding?
29:40 Do you have exercises for the kids?
32:35 What about protective gear?
35:20 What's the total bill to get kids riding?
39:30 How did you navigate the gear sizing problem for the kids?
42:45 What's the riding  future for kids?
46:05  Closing thoughts
48:50 Shoutouts
49:20 Outro

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