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Adventure Movies with Putch Films - ADVMoto Live! #19

February 15, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Adventure Movies with Putch Films - ADVMoto Live! #19
Show Notes

This Thursday's ADVMoto Live! #19 features guests John Putch and  Richie Montgomery, creators of the recent MABDR spoof video shorts.  We'll talk about making funny ADV videos and how motorcycles have been perceived in Hollywood.  John's long career as a Hollywood actor, producer and director include hit sitcoms like Scrubs and more recently American Housewife. Our personal favorite is his self-produced film trilogy called Route 30 about small town life in Pennsylvania. Join us this Thursday, November 19 at 8PM EST!

• PutchFilms comedy short "Somewhere on the MABDR"

• Check out more of John's works at:

• Timestamps
00:00 - Intro
03:10 John Putch and Rich Montgomery Introductions
09:25 What was the earliest ting you performed in?
15:06 Did you have any off-road EXP before doing this?
17:03 What are your thoughts on how bikers are shown in movies?
21:30 How do you work motorcycles into a larger message?
25:54 How does someone make videos with a different purpose other than entertainment or documentary?
28:06 Any tips for people who are not comfortable on camera?
33:07 Do you guys have a timeframe?
34:00 Do you're a big Yamaha fan?
36:37 Solo travelling
38:40 Gear question
42:52 How about drones?
44:21 Wrap-up / Words of advice
45:47 Outro

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