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Motorcycle Suspension Secrets with Rally Raid UK - ADVMoto Live! #18

February 10, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Motorcycle Suspension Secrets with Rally Raid UK - ADVMoto Live! #18
Show Notes

Adventure, Dual-Sport and Yamaha's Tenere 700 suspension Secrets with John from Rally Raid!  Adventure and dual-sport suspension is tricky to set up. It needs to be soft enough for pavement surfing and hard enough to take big off-road hits.  What makes for a good adventure suspension and what do you need?  We'll also focus on the Rally Raid's extensive research into Yamaha's new Tenere 700...what it's got and what it needs. 

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• Timestamps
00:00 Intro
02:45 Can you give an intro into who you are and how you started Rally Raid Products?
08:35 What is bike suspension and why is it important?
11:20 Preload adjustments
13:30 What happens when your SAG is off?
14:40 Viewer question: Clickers
18:05 Suspension question
21:05 What do these electronic systems do?
24:25 What would you say is the most cost effective upgrade?
26:40 When do you actually need to air down?
27:35 Tenere 700 suspension specifics
29:45 What would you suggest somebody go at first? Stages?
36:20 What are the costs for upgrades?
39:50 What are your thoughts on creating a 9/17 wheel setup for the Tenere 700?
44:30 COVID supply problems
47:40 Any words of inspiration or advice for riders?
53:00 Outro

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