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Rally Passion - Willem Avenant & David Knight - ADVMoto Pod #7

January 14, 2021 ADVMoto Magazine
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Rally Passion - Willem Avenant & David Knight - ADVMoto Pod #7
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This first episode of 2021 is all about Passion, and what do Passion and ADV riding have to do with each other? Well, in this episode it's rally riding, as you get to meet Willem Avenant who is a tree surgeon by day, and a moto rally rider the rest of the time. He joins us from South Africa as we chat bikes, and rallys, and why we keeping getting back in the saddle to do it all over again. And then in our Rider Segment we're joined from a bivouac in the midst of the Dakar Rally by the legend, David Knight. He's a 5 time world Enduro champion and currently competing in the Dakar and took a moment to chat about how he got into riding bikes growing up in the Isle of Man and why he still competes today. So, throw on your riding boots and sit back and enjoy this rally episode to kick off the new year.


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⬞ 1:07 The Conversation - Willem talks about how he got into riding motorbikes as a young kid in South Africa and then we talk about his rally experiences and his quest to ride Dakar.

⬞ 37:50 Rider Spotlight - We go to Saudi Arabia straight to the bivouac at the Dakar Rally and meet motorcycle legend David Knight.  He talk about growing up on the Isle of Man and how his passion for motorcycles as a kid led him to winning Enduros around the world and to Racing the Dakar today.


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The Conversation - with Willem Avenant
Rider Story - with David Knight on location at Dakar bivouac