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Mosko Moto Talks Innovation- ADVMotoLive! #15

October 19, 2020 ADVMoto Magazine Season 1 Episode 15
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Mosko Moto Talks Innovation- ADVMotoLive! #15
Show Notes

Join this Thursday September 17th for the next installment of ADVMoto Live! featuring Andrew,  Pete and Ashley from Mosko Moto. We'll talk about the Mosko story, what it takes to develop new products, and what's to come from one of the most exciting and innovative companies in ADV!

• Check out the MoskoMoto at:

• Wildland Firefighters Foundation:

• Question Time Stamps
00:41 - Wilderness Firefighter Foundation - Please help!
02:32 -  Innovation Intro
06:03 - Introduction to guests
06:15 - What do you guys do day to day?
06:45 - How many events do you guys do?
08:24 - How did all of you get into riding and then adventure riding?
21:35 - How did you guys get together? MoskoMoto founding story.
29:47 - What is the origin of the Mosko Lizard?
36:30 - Giving up careers and money to ride
37:15 - What's the creative process for you guys?
41:43 - Losing items on a trip
44:59 - Was it a back decision to start making products?
48:53 - Anything cool planned down the road?
54:58 - How does someone reach out to you guys regarding sponsorships?
01:00:45 - Any advice for adventurers?


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