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Getting Sidetracked - Mark Wallace & Jocelin Snow - ADVMoto POD #3

September 10, 2020 ADVMoto Magazine Season 1 Episode 3
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Getting Sidetracked - Mark Wallace & Jocelin Snow - ADVMoto POD #3
Show Notes

ADVMoto Pod #3 with host Nathan Slabaugh - Ever have a breakdown on the side of a road? Or been stuck in a far off land due to the weather, medical issues, a new romance? Whatever the case may be, these sorts of interruptions are a regular occurrence in the adventure world.  In this packed episode the theme is “Getting Sidetracked” and we talk with Mark Wallace about his 6 years years traveling around the world and a few times he was sidetracked as well as his current time in a locked down Argentina. And then we meet Jocelin Snow and learn how she come back from what should have been a career-ending event.  So, go treat yourself to a beverage and give it a watch/listen!


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⬞ 2:04 The Conversation - Mark Wallace talks about getting sidetracked in Africa and London as well as what his current time in Argentina’s lock down has looked like

⬞ 37:24 Rider Spotlight - Jocelin Snow takes us through her career and how she faced being sidetracked with a career-ending injury

⬞ 1:13:11 Gadgets ‘n Gear - Alex Marsh goes in depth about his reviews in the latest issue of ADVMoto magazine


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