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Rottweiler Performance and KTM Upgrades - ADVMoto Live! #11

August 17, 2020 ADVMoto Magazine Season 1 Episode 4
Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) Radio
Rottweiler Performance and KTM Upgrades - ADVMoto Live! #11
Show Notes

Take your KTM's already capable bikes to the next level and experience an evolutionary performance with Rottweiler CEO and founder, Chirsa, and Mariel Parker. Let's watch KTM's current lineup and the in-demand bestsellers, the challenging process of improving them, and transforming it into even better.

Rottweiler Performance is a Southern California based design and manufacturing facility with the primary goal of creating useful products for consumers looking to customize their motorcycles beyond what the factory engineers have set for their target audience. Quite often, what manufacturers create for the consumer can be very limited in scope and vision. These include the adventure market as well as dual-sport, street, and road racing. Our rich history in highly competitive motorsports uniquely positions us to draw from varying disciplines of engineering experience to reach our creative goals.


  • Chris' racing history and how he met Mariel along his journey
  • Having a mechanical brain since he was a child; Chris' first project that people loved and wanted that kick-started his brand
  • High demand, low supply; the swift change in the markets demand that's affecting their production during this COVID situation
  • From fetching supplies to dealing with country's regulations on international shipments and challenges that they are continually facing
  • Keeping up with customer demands and coping with their disappointments
  • The importance of choosing the right people to represent their brand
  • KTM product upgrades; the freshest products and bestsellers Rottweiler has to offer
  • Engaging their bikes on the race track and witnessing an unbelievable performance from their racer.
  • An evolutionary product that they are currently working with and releasing soon
  • Chris' beautiful life in motorcycling and his advice for everyone to fearlessly try something new 

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  • @rottweilerperformance

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